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To allow the people to keep their EYE ON THE ACTION

iON Worldwide LLC is the parent company of consumer electronic specialist, World Wide Licenses Ltd – owner of the iON trademark globally for digital imaging since 2001. WWL has been involved in the design, development, manufacturing and go to market of digital imaging products for leading brands worldwide. iON AIR PRO is the first of its Sports Action Camera Line Up. With its power of eight iON AIR PRO is best in class when it comes to form, fit, finish and overall ease of use. Its iPhone Mobile Application allows you to make your social media interaction dynamic with real time sharing of your photos and videos. Our mission is to “keep your eye on the action” and iON AIR PRO does just that…

The iON Brand is owned by World Wide Licenses Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of iON Worldwide LLC for the imaging category. Stay Tuned for more news on what we are doing with this exciting category.


ion shoot share

This little beauty makes your iON Air Pro™ wi-fi enabled. Capture footage on your iON Air Pro™ and share it with the iON Wi-Fi PODZ™ to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. The possibilities are endless. iON Wi-Fi PODZ™ come as part of the iON Air Pro™ Wi-Fi or can be purchased as part of the Connect Kit. Shoot it, share it, all in real-time.

iON Android and Apple App
Pair your iON Wi-Fi PODZ™ to your App and you’ve got the perfect partner. The Wi-Fi connection means you can transfer files from your SD card to your phone and share them for instant uploading via the App.

If storage is your worry then the iONCloud™ gives you 8GB of secure storage, absolutely free! Access your videos from any device, be it your iPad, iPhone, Android or laptop any time of the day.
To register for your free 8GB iON Cloud™ storage, click here.