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Clover Italia s.R.L._ Hi-Tech Motorcycle Clothing

Clover is an italian company based in vicenza, northeast of italy. Clover started operation & production in the late 1970's. For the past 30 and more years its core business has been the manufacturing of technical wear and hi-tech protective gear for the motorcycle users. Clover produces garments for both the world of motorcycle racing & competitions as well as for the motorcycle leisure & tourism industry. Since the early years clover's focus has been the research & development of new materials and texitle which are then used for the manufacturing of hi-tech leather & texitle jackets+pants, whole suits and gloves. Clover exports worldwide and has been currently expanding its distribution in asia, southeast asia and south america.

Clover it s.R.L. Was officially established on: march 27th, 1980


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